Big Strong Man

Big Strong Man a.k.a. My Brother Sylvest

have you heard about the big strong man?
he lives in a caravan
have you heard about the Jeffery Johnson fight
it’s one hell of a fight
you can take every heavy weight you’ve got
we’ve got a lad who can beat the whole lot
he used to ring the bells in the belfry no he’s gonna fight
Jack Dempsey…CHORUS

He was my brother Sylvest (shout-What’s he got?)
A row of forty medals on his chest (Big Chest!)
he killed fifty badmen in the west
he knew no rest, thinkin’ a man’s hell fire
don’t push, just shove, plenty of room for you and me
he’s got an arm (Got an Arm!)
like a leg (Like a leg!)
and a punch that can sick a battle ship (Big Ship!)
it takes all the army and the navy to put the wind up Sylvest

well he’d thought he’d take a trip to Italy
he thought he’d take a trip by sea
he jumped in the harbour in New York
swam like a great big ould shark
he saw the Lusitania in distress (What’d he do?)
He put the Lusitania on his chest (Big Chest!)
drank up all the water in the sea and walked all the way to Italy CHORUS

well he thought he’d take a trip to old Japan
they brought out the big brass band
he played every instrument they had (What a lad!)
he played the whole lot
well the church bells all will ring (Ding Dong) or Hell’s Bells
and the church choirs all will sing (LAAAAA!) or Hell’s Fire
they’ll all come out to bid farewell to my big brother Sylvest CHORUS


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