Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe

Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe

You may travel from Clare to the county Kildare
From Francis Street back to the Coombe;
But where would you see a fine widow like me?
Biddy Mulligan the pride of the Coombe, me boys,
Biddy Mulligan the pride of the Coombe.

I’m a buxom fine widow, I live in a spot In Dublin, they call it the Coombe.
Me shops and me stalls are laid out on the street, And me palace consists of one room.
I sell apples and oranges, nuts and sweet peas, Bananas and sugar stick sweet.
On a Saturday night I sell second-hand clothes, From the floor of me stall in the street.

I sell fish on a Friday, spread out on a board the finest you’ll find in the sea.
But the best is my herrings, fine Dublin Bay herrings,
There’s herrings for dinner and tea.
I have a son, Mick, he’s great on the flute, he plays in the Longford Street band;
It would do your heart good for to see him march out
On a Sunday for Dollymount Strand. CHORUS

In the park, on a Sunday, I make quite a dash the neighbors look on in surprise.
With my Aberdeen shawlie thrown over my head, I dazzle the sight of their eyes.
At Patrick Street corner, for sixty-four years, I’ve stood, and no one can deny
That while I stood there, nobody could dare To say black was the white of my eye.


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