Back to Nine Island

Back to Nine Island

Author: Donal O’Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2002
It’s red right returning
On back to Nine Island
Hauling our catch
farewell to the sea
For home our heart’s yearning
as we view the highlands
We’re riding the crest
And our spirits are free

We’re dreaming of camp
as the main sail’s unfurling
the evening is blessed
with a favoring wind
Our faces are chapped
from the weeks of our toiling
while our labors have kept us
from drinking and sin
with thoughts of our docking
all faces are smiling
the haul is a bumper
well blessed by the Man
Life’s pleasures are best
when your heart it is pining
and ever more joyful
when they’re close at hand CHORUS

The sun in the west
as it’s drifting and lazing
shines and reflects
on the houses ashore
it seemingly sets
all the windows a blazing
Our hearts they will leap
when we walk thru their doors
Our faces will glow
like the campfires burning
We’ll drink up the time
with our family and friends
we’ll cherish the time
for soon we’re returning
It’s moments at camp
we wish they’d never end CHORUS

The first night at camp
will last till sun’s dawning
with tales of the past
full of laughter and song
The glasses we drank
will soon lend to our yawning
It’s here all are welcome
It’s here you belong
We easily lose
all our thoughts of employment
enjoying all things
as we’re fast on the shore
when the day soon arives
and we’re bound for deployment
we’ll plan our returning
when we leave once more CHORUS


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