Back Home To Ireland

Back Home To Ireland

Author: Donal O’Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2000

There’s a spirit that flows in an Irishman’s soul
And carries within it, all the dreams of the past
Deep in our memories are the greatest of those
Believers, and Dreamers, who died with a hope
That the freedom ship sails
With an Irish flag high on its mast

Those who can realize these feelings of pride
To be linked to the people of this storied land
I return to this island and know deep inside
The stongest, the bravest, the faithful and true
Grant me welcome with smiles, and joy
In their open hands

Back home to Ireland for the first time
As I gaze on your fields and your shores
In each Irishman’s heart
there’s a part of you inside
In my heart I have been here before

Time calls upon me to fly o’re the sea
To answer those voices, they’re calling me home
The history has taught me what I am to love
My family, my country, to worship my God
It’s your spirit that lives
in my heart and the depths of my soul


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