Boys Of Wexford

Boys Of Wexford (the)
Author: R.D. Joyce
In comes the Captain’s daughter, the Captain of the Yeos
saying brave united Irishmen we’ll ne’re again be foes
A thousand punds I’ll give you and fly from home with thee
I’ll dress myself in man’s attire and fight for liberty

We are the Boys from Wexford
Who fought with heart and hand
To burst in twain the galling chain
and free our native land

and when we left out cabin boys we left with right goodwill
to see our friends and neighbors that were at Vinegar Hill
a young man from our ranks a cannon he let go
he slapped it into Lord Mountjoy a tyrant he laid low CHORUS

we bravely fought and conquered at Ross and Wexford Town
and if we failed to keep them ’twas drink that brought us down
we had no drink beside us on Tubberneering’s Day
Depending on the long bright pike and well it worked it’s way CHORUS

They came into our country our blood and waste to spill
but let them weep for wexford and think of Oulart Hill
’twas drink that still betrayed us of them we had no fear
for everyman could do his part like Forth and Shelmalier CHORUS

My curse upon all drinking it made our hearts full sore
for bravery won each battle but dronk lost evermore
and if for want of leaders we lost at Vinegar Hill
we’re ready for another fight and love our Country still


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