Bottles of Black Porter

Bottles of Black Porter
Author: Ted Desmond
I was born so small and weak
no bottle could I touch
or touch until the nurse the order gave
go get that child some porter

and when to man’s estate I grew
My medicine chart no bottles knew
nor potions pills or powder blue
but bottles of plain porter

Churchill and Dev are two good sports
but when Churchill very out of sorts
asked from Dev the Irish Ports
Dev told him to stick to porter

some fear to swin the river Lee
the Shannon Boyne or Old Liffy
but who wouldn’t chance the Irish sea
If frothy brine were porter

Paddy Flaherty on a skite
traveled pubs by day and night
but what did he drink when he got tight?
he called for pints of porter

and now my song has come to an end
my homeward way I soon must wend
I’m hoping that the Gods will send
another round of porter


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