Boston Rose

Boston Rose
Author: Liam Reilly
So goodbye my Boston beauty farewell my Boston Rose
I’ll wait for you, I’ll think of you, no threat to you I’ll pose
so goodbye my Boston Beauty, farewell my Boston Rose
I wish that you were here but I know, that’s the way life goes

Now the autumn leave are falling and the tourists have all gone
and the children
they have all gone back to school
and my life is as it was before, I work eight hours a day
but the company’s still making all the rules
There’s a girl in Massachusettes, south of Boston town they say
her lovely face is with me all the day
Well I met her down in old Tralee, golden hair upon her head
I won her heart but she stole mine away CHORUS

There’s a song we sang all summer in the bars in Dublin town
I can hear it on the fac’try radio
and the feelings I remember, when I hear that simple tune
makes me wonder if it ever happened so
well we laughed and loved together ’till the summer days were gone
and she had to fly across that ocean wide
so goodbye my Boston beauty and until we meet again
I’ll keep the fire burning deep inside CHORUS

and some nights when I’m drinkin’ and my friends have gathered ’round
and just for fun someone calls out your name
well I smile there with the rest of them but I can’t hear a sound
I love you but to them it’s all the same
and nights when I’m alone my love you come into my mind
and visions flash across that Emerald Isle
well I’ll watch the moon there up above I’ll leave this earth behind
and I’ll call to you as I go sailing by CHORUS


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