Bold Thaddy Quill

Bold Thaddy Quill

Ye maids of Dulhallow who are anxious for courtin’
a word of advice I will give unto ye
preceed to the Banteeer to the athletic sporting
and give in your names to the Club Committee
and never commence any sketch of your program
till the carriage you see coming over the hill
all down through the valleys and glens of Kilcorney
with the Muskerry sportsman, the Bold Thaddy Quill

for ramblin for rovin for football and sportin’
for drinkin’ black porter as fast as you fill
in all you days rovin’ you’ll find none so jovial
as the Muskerry sportsman the Bold Thaddy Quill

At the great hurling match between Cork and Tipperary
that was held in the park on the banks of the Lee
our own darling boys were afraid of being beaten
so they sent for Bold Thaddy in Ballinagree
well he hurled the ball left and right in their faces
he showed those Tipperary boys daring and skill
If they touched on his lines he would certainly brain them
and the papers sang praises of the Bold Thaddy Quill

At the Cork Exhibition there was a fair maiden
who’s fortune exceeded one million or more
but a poor constitution had ruined her completely
and medical treatment had failed o’re and o’re
Ah mother she says sure I know what will ease me
and all the diseases most certainly kill
give over your potions and medical treatment
I’d rather one squeeze from the Bold Thaddy Quill


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