Bangor Song

Bangor Song

One day down in Bangor,
I called on Miss Brown
She was up in her bath
so she couldn’t come down,

Says I slip on something
and come down here quick
so she slipped on the soap
and was down in a tic.

On day at the market
I bought a wee hen,
I thought I would like a fresh egg
now and then,
But the very next morning
I got a great shock
Says the hen I can’t lay
Sure I’m only a cock.

One day I was walking down the main street,
I met a wee lad with no shoes to his feet.
I took pity on him then and there
And went into a fruit shop and bought him a pear.

I once met a man with a hole in his head,
Sure they took out my brains for to mend them he said.
That’s awkward says I but says he not at all
Sure I’m only a deputy up in the Dail (minister in Parliament)

I met an auld man at a funeral one day
His back it was stooped and his hair it was grey,
I’m close on a hundred he said with a groan.
Faith says I you are wasting your time to go home.
I drempt I did die and to heaven did go.

The place that I came from
they wanted to know
Says I I’m from Bangor,
Saint Peter did stare’ Hurry up, step inside,
you’re the first one from there


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