Angel of Hope O

Angel of Hope O

Author: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 2003
Take me on your wing
together we will fly
let me see your memory thru the teardrop in my eye
Lift my spirit high
till I can touch your soul
take me on your wing
with all the love I bring
my sweet Angel of Hope

I search for you each moment
and wonder where you are
On summer winds and butterflies
I’ve searched from near and far
But I know you’re here to comfort me
till I can find my way
and although you speak in silence
try to hear what you still say
when a springtime sky
that’s full of clouds
reveals a patch of blue
and a warming sun comes shining thru
I know that can be you CHORUS

This life is full of happenings
that we don’t understand
Still you are my miracle
Blessed by God’s own hand
And my miracle will be complete
And I’ll be truly blessed
When I wrap my arms around you
and hold you close against my breast
Now we have a place for us
that we can call our own
As I gaze upon your smiling face
Sweet Angel of Hope CHORUS


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