Ben Bulben of Sligo

Ben Bulben of Sligo

high up on Ben Bulben and its green grassy slope
where the sheep are so peacefully grazing
alone with my thoughts adn my youth’s secret hopes
‘neath the clouds I’ll be cheerfully lazing
there on that mountain alone I would go
while life held its treasures before me
nature around me was waking anew
and care was as rare as the moon when it’s blue

Ben Bulben of Sligo majestic you stand to welcome me back from my travels
when I see the mountain I know I’ve come home forever and ever no more to roam

Often at daybreak from my cottage I’ve seen
the sun rising over the mountain
reflecting the glories of Sligo and me
and each blessing I’d surely be counting
Oh where in the world would the grass be so green
as the rainfull caressing ?
wild geese go flying on Ben Bulben’s heights
meeting the dawn with their morning flights CHORUS

land of the poet where Yeats gave us first
he was raised in the County of Sligo
mem’ries more precious than coins in the purse
I’ll treasure forever where I go
the sounds in the valley as the streams gently flow
as they wind their was down to the sea
and the wild mountain heather that blooms all year ’round
will one day have a hearty welcome for me


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