Beautiful Eileen

Beautiful Eileen

Author: unknown

Now Eileen O’Grady, the real Irish lady,
I’m longing to call her my own
I’ll not be contented, until she has consented,

To be Mistress Barney Malone
I met this fair treasure, while walking for pleasure,
She looked up at me then she cried
Without any warning ‘The top of the morning’
And then up to her I replied chorus Come, come, beautiful Eileen,

Come for a drive with me
Over the mountain, down by the fountain
Over the high road and down by the low road

Make up your mind, don’t be unkind
And we’ll drive to Castlebar
To the road I’m no stranger
For you there’s no danger
So just come along in my old jaunting car
Now Eileen said ‘No sir, with you I won’t go,
sir Don’t think it ungrateful of me
I’d rather go walking, than have people talking

You know what the story would be’
‘No Eileen my jewel, don’t treat me so cruel
To treat me this way is a shame
Give over your blarney And say I’m your Barney
And don’t keep me waiting in vain’


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  1. Beautiful Eileen was a song written by Mike Nono (1873-1942) of Ennis, Co. Clare; this song was later titled Eileen O’Grady and became very popular although performers and publishers failed to attribute it to Mike Nono, “the Irish comedian with the twinkling feet.” He is also the author of The Ballymaquilty Band and more than ten other “haunting numbers” that he self published in London.

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