Artist on the RTA

Artist on the RTA

Author: Donal O’Shaughnessy Lyrics
Copyright: 2012
This is in response to the viral YouTube video
of a Cleveland bus driver being assaulted by a passenger until he couldnt take it anymore.

Let me tell you the story about a man named Artis
Who was bussin’ for the RTA
For 25 years he never had a problem
Till he met a certain Shi’ Dea Lane

Now Shi’ Dea Lane was standin by the driver
Till Artis couldn’t take it no more
This bitch was cursin all up in his grill
And acting like a crazy crack whore

Did he show some restraint
(No there was no restraint)
This Bitch was about to get crushed
Then things got ugly with a camera was rollin
For an uppercut on a downtown bus

He said I’ll bring my grand daughter up here
To whoop yo ass
What was the driver to do
She said Bring them N-word her and yo Nanny Bitch
and I’ll beat her ass too

Then Shi’ Dea Lane walked over to Artis
And hit him while he was driving and how
Witness reported that she spit on him too
He said, “You going to jail now”

Then Atrist reared back with a wide toed stance
That made Tyson and Larry Holmes proud
And there was a mighty crack and silence for a second
For once this Bitch wasn’t so loud

Then all in one motion he grabbed her by the weave
And out the front door she flew
He even showed her courtesy by ditching her
Belongings in one motion with the follow through

Than a passenger yelled, you can hear her on the tape
“That’s a F-ing word female!”
He said,”I don’t care she wanna be a man
I’m gunna treat you like a man”

Now Shi’ Dea Lane’s jaw was workin’ fine
Spewing threats without a hitch
Here’s the last thing she said as the tape was ending
My n-word gunna to beat he breast off you bitch


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