After the Time

After the Time

Author: William Penny
I woke up this mornin’ Arse up on the floor
I opened one eye there were beer cans galore
My head how it pounded my poor body shook
and I nearly got sick when I got up to look
at the wholes in the canvass the stains on the bed
there wasn’t a window where one should be at
there was beer in the dish that was left for the cat
but Oh what a wonderful time

So you grab the dustpan and I’ll grab the mop
you clean the bottom and I’ll clean the top
we’ll break out the Lestoil and tear up some rags
to clean up after the time

I went to the kitchen to grab me a drink
there were glasses all rotten piled up in the sink
and half bowls of ‘moo soup’ all strewn ’round the place
and half eated cold place took up all the space
there was unopened home brew still left from the tear
three odd pairs of shoes and some strange underwear
and my cousin still smokin’ asleep in the chair
but oh! what a wonderful time CHORUS

I went to the bathroom to grab me a scrub
we were all out of arse wipes there was beer in the tub
the toilet was plugged up and filled to the brim
and the bluebottle flies were lined up for a swim
the mirror was broken the shower curtain tore
I don’t think it was water what wetted the floor
and some impatient knocker left holes in the door
but oh! what a wonderful time


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