A Song for Harry O

A Song for Harry O

Author: Donal O’Shaughnesy
Copyright: 2002
I saw a young family
Just the other day
and they reminded me of a promise
that I made
That I would never live those words
that Harry sang so free
Little Boy Blue and silver spoons
would all be part of me

First steps, first words
would be just that
they’d all come first to me
if the bough should break
I would ease the fall
of broken hearts and wounded knees

Well, we became pretty goods friends
as the years they rolled along
I came to like his friends
and even tolerate his songs
I helped him with his homework
till the subjects grew too hard
I saw him off to his senior prom
as they drove off in my car

Than it came so quickly
as the days turned into years
how being there for nightmare fears
turned into grown up tears

It’s said we’re here on borrowed time
That much I know is true
the day will come when we find our way
there’s no exception to that rule
He found his way one quiet day
and he’s left me here behind
and memories of shoulder rides are frozen still in time

So Harry I thank you
for the song you sang
You helped me raise my son
but I don’t regret a single day
as you both watch us from above

First steps, first words
were all just that
they all came first with me
when the bough came down
I eased the fall
of broken hearts and wounded knees


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